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Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund
With stars on your team, can performance be far.

Every industry, every sector has its stars. Big or small, these companies are at the fore of their business and can be potential winners for investors. Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund brings your share of these star performers.

What is the Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund?
Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund is an Open Ended Diversified Equity Growth Scheme which invests in large, mid and small cap companies.

What is the investment objective of the fund?
The basic objective of the Scheme is to provide long-term capital appreciation. Emphasis will be on sharing growth through appreciation as well as on distribution of income by way of dividend.

What is the investment strategy?
The scheme will primarily invest in Equity and Equity related instruments predominantly investing in a mix of large, mid-sized and small cap companies by following a research based approach. The investment strategy will aim to diversify the portfolio by investing in a mix of companies across sectors and themes to maximize returns balance risk.

What are the benefits of investing in Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund?
Sound companies
Benefit of diversifying your portfolio
Superior Growth potential

Who should invest in this fund?
Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund is suited for individuals looking at returns and have a long-term investment outlook and a higher tolerance for risk.

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking *
Long term capital appreciation
Investment in equity & equity related instruments multi-cap in nature

Investors understand that their principal will be
at moderately high risk

* Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

What are the key features of this fund?
Please refer to our latest Scheme Fact Sheet,
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Fund Manager: Mr. Prasanna Pathak
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