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Taurus Ethical Fund
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Taurus Ethical Fund
(An Open-Ended Equity Oriented Scheme)

Taurus Ethical Fund from Taurus Mutual Fund is India's First Actively Managed Equity Oriented Shariah Compliant Diversified Fund.

The investments in this fund are based on the fundamentals of Shariah or Shariat, which are guided by the Islamic investment philosophy which invests in companies based on certain screening norms. Managed by seasoned Investment Professionals from Taurus Mutual Fund.

What is the Taurus Ethical Fund?
Taurus Ethical Fund is an Open Ended Equity Oriented Scheme that will invest in companies which are in compliance with the Shariah norms. The scheme will primarily invest in Equity and Equity related instruments. The fund is Actively Managed and invests in diversified portfolios.

What is Shariah?
Shariah or Shariat based investments are guided by the Islamic investment philosophy which invests in companies based on certain screening norms. It is based on the fundamental principles of justice, transparency, common interest and public need.

What is the investment objective of the Taurus Ethical Fund?
To provide capital appreciation and income distribution to unitholders through investment in a diversified portfolio of equities, which are based on the principles of Shariah.

What is the investment strategy?
The corpus of the Scheme will be invested in the companies which are based on the principles of Shariah whereby, it is not permissible to acquire the shares of Companies providing financial services on interest like conventional banks, insurance companies or the companies involved in some other business not approved by Shariah, such as companies manufacturing, selling or offering liquors, meat, or involved in gambling, night club activities, pornography etc. The Fund Manager and his team will identify the stocks for investment from the stock universe available from S&P BSE 500 Shariah Index which is the benchmark index for this scheme.

What are the features of Taurus Ethical Fund?
1st Actively Managed Shariah Compliant Fund in India
Will invest only in Listed Indian Stocks
Uses S&P BSE 500 Shariah Index Index as the Benchmark Index
The Fund allows a socially responsible form of investing and offers adequate diversification
The Fund follows diligent and disciplined investment process with adequate risk controls

Why should one invest in Taurus Ethical Fund?
First-time opportunity for the discerning investor
Managed by a professional investment team and back tested for performance
Large universe of Shariah compliant stocks
Actively Managed Fund
The fund is also open for subscription to specific overseas investors
Repurchase of units by the scheme

Who should invest in this fund?
Investors looking for suitable investment opportunities that comply with Shariah norms should look to invest in the Taurus Ethical fund with a Medium to Long term investment horizon. It is a socially responsible form of investing. It is a suitable form of investing for people opposed to alcohol, gambling and other addictions.

S&P BSE 500 Shariah Index will be used as the benchmark for comparing the performance of this Scheme.

What would be the Shariah screening process?
Stocks will be screened using two main criteria - Sector based screens and Accounting based screens. Companies that are found to be non-shariah compliant are screened out. Accounting based screens involve studying the structure of the business under 3 aspects - Leverage Compliance, Receivables & Cash Compliance and Revenue Share from Non-Compliant Activities.

Which sectors are excluded?
Banks and financials are excluded. Business activities related to Pork, Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography, Tobacco etc are also excluded.

What is the bench mark index for this fund?
The benchmark for Taurus Ethical fund is S&P BSE 500 Shariah Index. The indices have a base date of 1st January, 2007 with history back to that date, as well

How is the Taurus Ethical Fund different from other Shariah Funds?
Taurus Ethical Fund is the first Actively Managed Shariah Compliant Equity Fund in India.
Taurus Ethical Fund is the only actively managed Shariah Compliant Fund in India, which gives it the possibility to outperform the benchmark index - S&P BSE 500 Shariah Index
This fund does not require a Demat account for investment.
Taurus Mutual Fund will repurchase the units, when an investor wants to redeem their units.

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking *
Long term capital appreciation
Investment in equity & equity related instruments based on the principles of Shariah

Investors understand that their principal will be
at high risk

* Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

What are the key features of this fund?
Please refer to our latest Scheme Fact Sheet,
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Fund Manager: Mr. Prasanna Pathak
To invest in the Taurus Ethical Fund,
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