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What Are NAVs

What Are NAVs

Net Asset Value (NAV) is the value of one unit of a given scheme on a given day. It reflects the liquidation value of the fund's investments on that particular day after taking all expenses into account.

It is calculated by dividing the Net Asset Value of the Scheme assets by the number of units outstanding.

You can use a formula to calculate NAV of any scheme.

Market Value of scheme investments + Recievables + Accrued Income + Other Assets – Accrued expenses – Payable – Other Liabilities
NAV  =
  Number of Units outstanding

Units in a scheme are allotted on the basis of the Sale Price.
The Sale price is calculated by:
Sale Price = NAVX (1+ Entry Load)

Units of a scheme are purchased based on the Repurchase Price. This is calculated by:
Repurchase Price = NAV X (1-Exit Load)

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